Before and after


I love watching makeover shows on television: style makeovers, physical makeovers, home makeovers, restaurant makeovers, car makeovers—it doesn’t matter, I’ll watch it. It’s hard to say what I like about them, but it’s probably the act of passively watching someone else change their lives from the comfort of my couch. I prefer to experience change vicariously and in the span of 15 minute to an hour.

And then there's the Internet, which offers instant, instant gratification.

I just spent 20 minutes on a celebrity website—which I’m going to call “research” if Liz or Theresa ask—looking at before and after pictures of celebrities.

This one was geared toward the “ugly duckling” variety: celebrities who became more attractive over time. Obviously these sites are run by trolls trying to drive up traffic (it worked), but I started to wonder how the HME industry would rate in a before and after.

Of course providers long for the days before competitive bidding and oppressive audits. But with time also comes improvement: improvement in technology, in marketing, in design. Progress lies in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes things change for the better (Matthew Lewis of Harry Potter fame), sometimes they change for the worse (Gary Busey) and others stay the same no matter how many years have passed (Keith Richards).