And to all, a good night


Boy, there’s belt-tightening all over the HME industry. Take today when I received my annual birthday card (I am a Christmas Eve baby) from my wing mates.

Rather than drive allll the way over to Rite-Aid on Rte 1 and fork out $2 for a funny, office humor card, or a December birthday card (if your birthday is in, say, May, you probably don’t know that there are very special birthday cards for us December kids), they opted to recycle one of the leftover Christmas cards that we sent out to advertisers and other important people a few years back.

Did they think I wouldn’t recognize it? I probably had to hand-sign 400 of these suckers.

Not one to mince words, I complained.

Me: “You gave me an old Christmas card? One of the most annoying things for someone born near Christmas is to use Christmas gear and try to birthday-ify it.” 

Nicole: “It is?”

It’s the thought that counts and they did write fun messages in the card. And yes, I do plan to enjoy my day, at least the parts that don’t involve a 200-mile drive. Solo. In the rain.

Since I have taken Christmas Eve off (we close at noon anyway, so if CMS drops a bomb on the industry, well, don't look to HME News), as I sit here at my desk on the 23rd of December (any Van Morrison fans out there?) I have pretty much checked out, mentally. But don’t tell the boss, who’s officially back.

Merry Christmas!

Theresa Flaherty