Armadillos and peccadilloes


"What's the plural of armadillo?"

That's not typically a question I ask myself when proofing pages for HME News. But I am trying to write a snappier headline for one of associate editor Elizabeth Deprey's stories on mobility providers rethinking their business models as they run screaming from the Medicare program.

But it does kind of point to the larger trend we are seeing of providers doing what they can to diversify and move forward, while CMS and its auditing henchman continue to peck, peck, peck at providers for their perceived peccadillos (did you hear the one about the provider who was denied a claim for a wheelchair for a quadriplegic vent patient because the physician did not initial a date change? You will, it's in the January editorial pages of HME News).

But I digress. For all the horror stories we continue to hear—and I am sure I'll be hearing plenty more next week as I make a new round of cold calls (please, answer the phone, with the holidays we are pressed for story gathering time)—I still manage to speak with people who are trying new things and looking forward to the future. I talk to providers launching ad campaigns, ecommerce sites and new retail locations. They are trying new products and new markets.

As we stumble headlong into the New Year, I hope to hear more of these stories and perhaps, some better news on the bidding and auditing and fronts, as well.

As to the plural of armadillo? Just add an "s."

Theresa Flaherty