Beware cruising twitter without coffee


So while eating my Annie's Honey Bunnies Oat & Corn cereal with wild Maine blueberries this morning, I caught up on the overnight twitter action on my iPhone. That's when I saw this tweet from provider Chris Rice (or chrisrice7 as he's known on twitter):

Senate bill filed to block DME competitive bidding program.

What? I clicked the tiny URL and skimmed the story...Senate leaders have joined House sponsoring a bill to delay competitive bidding...the first bidding round would begin July 1.

My mind instantly started racing. Is this a companion bill to H.R. 1041? I thought stakeholders were shooting for an alternative to the bid program? Do they need to delay the program first to be able to replace it with an alternative?

Then I thought: I have to get to work. I have to call AAHomecare. I have to call Cara Bachenheimer. I have to call Seth Johnson. We've got a Newswire to put together tomorrow and this is going to be the top story.

hmeliz re-tweeted chrisrice7's tweet, and then the real-life Liz took off for Yarmouth, Maine, word headquarters of HME News.

I got to the office and announced to Theresa and Elizabeth that a couple of senators had dropped a companion bill to the House's competitive bill. They both said, "Really?" Actually, Theresa said: "Why do you get all the good stories?"

Then Elizabeth, the newest of the three editors, said, "Did you notice that the date on the article is 2008?"

I looked at the article again and read it more carefully. Clearly, it was from know, when the industry was able to delay competitive bidding for two years. Why oh why does Google News Alert and other newsfeeds sometimes pick up on old stories and blast them out to the world as if they're new, sending Chris Rice scurrying to post the news on twitter and me scurrying to the office to report on it?

Just so you don't think I'm a complete idiot: When I was eating Bunnies, cruising twitter and reading the story, I hadn't had any coffee yet.

hmeliz tweeted chrisrice7:

Hey, that story is from 2008! You got me all excited for nothing. I thought I had a hot story to report this morning.

Then I went on my merry way doing the 20 other things I had to do today, which included, by the way, talking to Cara, who got a good chuckle over this.

Liz Beaulieu


Hey, I made your blog!
OOPS! Sorry twitter followers!
Something went haywire with by blog / twitter feed and it pulled in this old article. You're right, I'm not sure what happens on the Google side that makes this occur... weird!

Nonetheless, my fault for posting and causing the ruckus - I'm sorry about that.

BTW - How about a link for the Bunnies?

Have a great week!