Blogs, brownouts and other B words


This week in the online world there was something called Diabetes Blog Week, in which bloggers posted each day on a specific topic. Last Friday, when I learned of this, I had every intention of participating (thank you HME News for providing me with a platform in which I do often post about things that don't touch directly on HME).

But. On Monday, we suffered some sort of brownout that left us without power and other modern inconveniences for several hours. Tuesday, I wound up taking the whole day off, rather than a planned half day. Wednesday, I just plain forgot. Thursday, I said, "forget it."

In other words, it was kind of like a bad week with diabetes: the shakeup of routine, the unexpected obstacles, the ocassional feeling of laziness or apathy or defeat. 

As an added bonus, I had an appointment with a nurse at the diabetes center Thursday before work. Excuse me, I mean nurse practitioner. Apparently, they are much higher up the healthcare food chain and to think they are on a par with nurses is not a good thing. 

After that less-than-auspicious start, the NP began updating my stuff in the computer (this is a huge time suck during every visit no matter who I see) and asking me Qs about meds, dosages etc. Having done this a million times, and not being a morning person, my answers were pretty much of the "yup" or "nope" variety. Kind of like a bad phone interview. So she paused and asked if my day was being interrupted or something by the appointment.

"No, there's just nothing new to report."

Let's just say I didn't warm up to the woman.

We did eventually find a happy medium to work toward bettering my numbers, which is important because my AIC crept up a tad since my last visit. So had my weight actually, which probably didn't help my mood, come to think of it.

"Have you had diabetes a long time?" asked NP.

"Thirteen years in August," I answered.

"I'd consider that a long time," said the NP.

Tell me about it.

Theresa Flaherty

Type 1

12 years, 9 months