Boots, blogs and bytes


I have my itinerary, my plane tix and my hotel reservations. I have my well-worn map of DC.

I'm all set to head down to Washington (from Maine, everything is "down") for AAHomecare's Legislative Fly-In. This year, in addition to my trusty reporter's notebook and some good quality pens, I am also packing my passwords to twitter and this blog so that I can do some updates from the road.

In the past year, HME News has really made an effort to get up to speed on all this digital media stuff so that we can keep our readers informed more than they ever dreamed possible (or probably wanted).

Providers are worried on a number of fronts and they seek information in these crazy times.

But, you know what's got me worried? The weather.

Seriously, do I need to bring my boots? I hear DC got all of our snow this winter.

Theresa Flaherty