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So, I am here in the office today, making the telephonic rounds of all you providers (at least those of you who will take my call) out there to get a feeling for what's keeping you up at night.

Dog Day Afternoon

Pretty in Pink movies The list is long, and not all that surprising: competitive bidding, oxygen reform (BIG disappointment among the rank and file with the stakeholders about the fracturing of the message), accreditation, reimbursement, and so on.

I will report that despite their overall disillusion with the industry, most providers continue to hang in there, looking for ways to run leaner and meaner operations. They are looking to add new product lines. They are calling their lawmakers every time there is a call to action.

I've also been lucky to receive a few unsolicited calls from providers today excited to share with me their latest news. Contrary to the romantic notion of reporters, my phone does not ring daily with hot tips whispered in my ear.  I even had one call me this afternoon and leave a message thanking me for a feature story we just ran on their company (you're welcome, Freeport Home Medical. It was a pleasure talking to you).

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So what are you up to these days? Anything new? Good, bad or ugly, call me. We'll talk.

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