Calling all HMEs


Not too long ago, we wrote a story

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about Intel's new home telehealth device, Intel Health Guide. Even though telemedicine hasn't quite caught on in the HME industry, we thought this was newsworthy because Intel's a big player. What if Intel helped to make telemedicine more attractive to HMEs by making it more attractive to Medicare? After all, the company plans to conduct pilot studies to show how the device can improve health outcomes cost efficiently.

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Well, things got a little more interesting today, when Intel announced that General Electric has jumped on its bandwagon. The two powerhouses have formed an alliance to develop and market home-based health technologies for seniors, according to a story Teeth film

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in The New York Times. They plan to invest a whopping $250 million over the next five years on research and product development.

Nooowww do you believe this could be the wave of the future?

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II don't think it is an option at this point in the HME industry. With the added costs of accrediation and surety bonds plus the uncertainity of existance with competitve bidding. I believe HME providers will hold back on dishing out additional money. Just way too much going on right now to make any major changes.