Cancel my Sears credit card and bring on the public option


Ok. I’ve had it. Given CMS’s problems running Medicare, I was a little bit skeptical (and I still am) of the government’s ability to run a public option program as part of healthcare reform. But now I think the public option is the lesser of two evils. Somebody has to keep the insurance companies honest.

I say that because Aetna, the insurance company we use here at HME News, just informed us that the cost of our healthcare insurance will increase 37% in 2010.


Let me say that again: 37%. Is that a rip off, or what?

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This got under my skin a little more than it might have because Sears recently charged me a $39 penalty (my payment arrived two days late) on my credit card’s $80 balance. That’s a 49% penalty.

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This is outrageous. What kind of country allows health care premiums to jump 37% a year, and then turns a blind eye as credit card companies stick people with this kind of penalty for such a minor infraction? A country that care's more about special interests than it does about real people, that's what kind.

Before I called Sears to complain, I waited a few days to cool down. When I did call, a pleasant gentleman named Coleman answered and momentarily disarmed me. I told Coleman that I was at fault, and that a penalty was warranted, say $10, but not $39 on an $80 balance. That’s crazy.

Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends film Say no more. Coleman waived the $39 penalty without a fight. In fact, he waved it with such ease that I figured I was not the first to call with this complaint.

Coleman then informed me, in his soft pleasant voice, that my next payment was due in two days and asked if I wanted to pay it by phone.

Sure, I said. Don’t want to risk another late fee. This guy is very polite, I thought.

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Okay. There will be a $14 fee to pay by phone.

I almost choked. Coleman! $14? Forget it.

I’ll wrap this up by saying again that I’ve had it. Bring on the public option, and Coleman, please cancel my Sears credit card.

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