The case of the $220 chin strap


Up heah in Maine, we have a local community access TV personality, known as the Humble Farmer, who was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.

So he obtained (I assume) a CPAP with mask and a chin strap (I say assume cause I missed the show and the mainstream media from which I was forwarded this tidbit did a woefully inaccurate job of reporting all the nitty-gritty CPAP details on which we thrive).

Anyhow, apparently the chin strap, described only as "stretchy," cost $220! Now, our humble farmer is not so humble that he doesn't have health insurance, so in that sense he was lucky.

The intrepid TV host investigated and found the same strap retailing online for $19.95. Now, I am not advocating for using Internet pricing as the reimbursement base of all things DME, but, I can't help but wonder what's going on here. Is there actually a CPAP strap that goes for $220? Is it mink-lined? Does it perform a little jowl-tightening therapy on the side? Did it belong to Michael Jackson? (sorry, but until now, we were the only media outlet in existence that hasn't been able to reference that story).

How about my readers? Do you sell these mysterious luxury chin straps? Inquiring minds want to know.

Theresa Flaherty