A case for the HME News Business Summit


It’s appropriate that this year’s HME News Business Summit is in Pittsburgh. This city, once dominated by steel mills, now has an economy largely based on healthcare, education, technology and financial services. Like Pittsburgh, the HME industry needs to reinvent itself.

Competitive bidding is forcing providers to make changes to their business plans, and healthcare reform is forcing them to rethink their overall role in the care continuum. Providers can no longer do what they’ve always done, the same way they’ve always done them.

Fortunately, Pittsburgh is also home to the University of Pittsburgh, which has a strong academic presence in medicine and health and rehabilitation services. It’s the perfect backdrop for a frank discussion about where the HME industry goes from here.

At this year’s Summit, you’ll pick up an idea or two or 10 on how to make changes to your businesses and how to rethink your role. Want to add retail but want to take a scientific, data-driven approach to cash sales? Want to acquire another company to add economies of scale but don’t know how? Want to help hospitals reduce their readmission rates but feel overwhelmed by the process?

You’ll find guidance on this and much more from experts and your peers—all at the Summit.

It’s our goal to send you home feeling excited about opportunity rather than blinded by challenge.

Thanks, in advance, for joining us!