Community pharmacies inch closer to accreditation extension


The Senate joined the House yesterday when it voted to give community pharmacies until Dec. 31 to get accredited

“The Senate acted wisely to ensure seniors can continue purchasing essential
medical supplies from their community pharmacies,” said Bruce T. Roberts,
NCPA executive vice president and CEO in a release. “Senators Max Baucus, Charles
Grassley and Jon Tester, in particular, deserve recognition for shepherding
the bill through. Without it, thousands of independent community pharmacies
would be forced to stop supplying diabetes testing supplies and other
products to their patients.”

Theresa Flaherty


There is a much rumor and false information going around about the pharmacy extension for accreditation. Today I received a fax from NCPA stating "DME DEADLINE DELAYED! NCPA won a 90-day delay on your behalf". It is a solicitation for membership. The headline is also false!

I have spoken with National Supplier Clearinghouse and they have been given no direction from CMS as to how to handle the voluntary deactivation of pharmacies that were not accredited by 9/30/09. They are currently waiting instructions.

I think it is important in an industry fraught with rumor and confusion that we give out information that is correct and can be verified.

While it is good news for our community pharmacy clients - we should act responsibly to avoid additional stress and confusion.

Thank you.