Is a competition brewing between NRRTS and RESNA?


As part of efforts to create a separate benefit, industry stakeholders are trying to determine what qualifications providers should meet to be able to provide complex rehab equipment and services.

So far, we know this much: Providers will be required to have at least one rehab technology professional (RTP) on staff. Stakeholders describe an RTP as an individual who has passed RESNA’s ATP exam and has fulfilled “additional requirements.”

NRRTS plans to beef up its CRTS credential in hopes of becoming one of those requirements. Also in the running: RESNA's new seating and mobility specialist (SMS) certification.

Both NRRTS's Simon Margolis and RESNA's Anjali Weber say the enhanced CRTS and the SMS would be two different ways to get to the same place. Is that necessary? Margolis thinks so: “I think it’s extremely important to have choices,” he said. “For accreditation, CMS saw fit to have 11 accrediting agencies. They told people what they needed to achieve but they didn’t tell them how they needed to achieve it.”

That makes sense, but it seems like a small pool of providers for two organizations to be chasing.

Liz Beaulieu