Competitive bidding chaos


Surely, you're all poring over CMS's new competitive bidding prices for home medical equipment. If you haven't seen this document Chi bi ipod and this set of documents, download them now. The first outlines the weighted average savings by product category and by competitive bidding area (CBA); the second outlines the prices by product category (and all the items within each category) and by CBA.

If you didn't listen to yesterday's press conference with Kerry Weems, CMS's Acting Administrator, here's a link

to a transcript (courtesy of yours truly).

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Be sure to check out our Monday NewsWire. We have THREE competitive bidding-related stories on tap.

On a non-competitive bidding note, click here Hiding Out

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas download

to read the story accompanying this headline: Do you think I'm sexy? Apnea raises doubt.

Some days, you just can't catch a break.

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