CPAP alert! Danger Will Robinson!


Well, Christmas Day terrorist incident aside, it looks like the airline industry takes security seriously after all. Check out this post on The writer, a CPAP user, is subjected to a "CPAP alert" when he goes through security:

I am taken off to the side and my bag is given a thorough search. The machine and all contents of my carry-on are removed, the CPAP is swabbed for explosives...and the contents are hastily returned to my bag.

Kind of embarrassing (although there are plenty more embarrassing items people get caught with, I'm sure). Not to mention, who wants their CPAP manhandled?

Maybe he should carry the CPAP in his underwear?

Theresa Flaherty


I always suggest my C-pap customers keep a copy of their prescription in their bag for that exact reason, when they travel. It usually saves them a little bit of panic.