Cruisin' through the parking lot


I meant to post this Friday, but, hey, who doesn't need a little laugh on a Monday?

I had an interesting experience at the grocery store recently, and it went a little like this:

Scene: grocery store parking lot, around 2:30 p.m. on a sunny Sunday.

70-something-year-old lady: Excuse me.

Me: Yes?

Lady: Have you ever driven one of these before?

Me: I have never ridden one of those in my life.

Lady: So you won't bring it back for me?

Me: Can I push it back?

Lady: No, you have to drive it. You can do it – can you steer?

Me: I hope so. 

Lady: Here, just press the button under "Forward."

Me: Will I get in trouble for driving this?

Lady: No.

Me: Okay. 

And that is how I ended up driving a mobility scooter. As I went toward the front door, I noticed a label stating: "Do not remove from the store." Oops! Too late for that.

Once I got to the front door, I hopped off, intending to push it in like a bicycle, but it wouldn't budge – she wasn't kidding about that part. So I rode that thing right into the store. (Good thing there wasn't a warning on it about who was allowed to drive it, because I'm pretty sure I don't qualify!)

It was actually kind of fun to drive, like the Barbie and GI Joe cars of my youth—2 miles an hour, max. And she was right about one thing: I didn't get in trouble. 





I came here from twitter. I just wanted to say thankyou and that it was really nice of you for taking that scooter back. My son tried to ride those scooters twice. Once he faked an injured leg while walking into the store. He actually ahd a friend of his half carry him through the entrance from the car. Second time he faked being blind, by wearing sunglasses and putting one hand on my shoulder while following behind me. The blind thing didn't pan out because he realized being blind was the wrong disability.... kids.