TO’d and sick of the BS


The best part of my twitter feed is a handful of HME providers who are fairly active on the social media tool. Sure, they’re not always on topic (for some of them, it is a personal account, not a professional account), so there are posts about the Patriots, the new Nintendo Switch and whether or not coleslaw should have a mayo- or vinegar-based dressing (mayo, all the way).

But this week, their posts were the perfect blend of both—personal and professional.

It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. Providers like Gary Sheehan (@gmsheehan) and Tyler Riddle (@ThomasTRiddle) took to twitter to rant—their word, not mine—about just how dysfunctional and unsustainable the DME benefit for Medicare has become.

Now Gary and Tyler are both funny, but they’re also serious businessmen. Both have been heavily involved in their state associations, as past or current presidents of their board of directors.

Gary started off with this tweet, which was re-tweeted six times and liked nine times:

Just off phone w pt in rural community who cannot find oxygen for his wife. This happens all day. All across America. Shame on you Medicare.

He then proceeded to post tweets of his and the patient’s husband’s correspondence with members of Congress:

Here is topical section of the note I received. This stuff is heartbreaking. Quit your dithering Medicare/Congress and get something done!

He ended the series with:

This is where we are. America's seniors desperately calling Congress to receive oxygen that a year ago was readily available & accessible

Then there’s Tyler. If you want a detailed account of what it’s like to be a provider of sleep therapy products, search no more. In a “epic” stream of more than 50 tweets, he gives you the ins and outs—from how providers are held responsible for patient compliance with CPAP devices (can you imagine a pharmacy being held responsible and essentially having their reimbursement held hostage based on a person taking their meds, he asks) to how Medicare and its policies and regulations may be inadvertently encouraging non-compliance.

After seeing all these tweets, I tweeted Gary and Tyler, noting that they were pretty chippy and asking if it was a full moon or if they had just had enough.

It was the latter.

Which prompted MAMES (@mameshme) to respond, summing it all up:

Happy Friday!