Deep in the heart of Texas


Some are opening branches, others are laying off employees. Some drove from nearby Lubbock, others flew from Alaska and Hawaii.  But the attendees to The MED Group's National Respiratory Network's 2009 Respiratory Seminar are all here in San Antonio this week because they want to do business better and stay on top of the many changes thrown at them. As director Kelly Riley said in her opening remarks:  Last year and heading into 2009 has been some of the craziest times we've ever seen. We decided if we can't control the craziness, we might as well participate.

Craziness must be why Kelly is hosting a battle of the bands tonight.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior move

As the week goes on, we'll hear from Don Clayback abut recent industry changes (rumor has it, he'll touch on surety bonds), get a Medicare update from Dr. Robert Hoover, and discuss home sleep testing (so far, not the boon early supporters had predicted, say attendees).

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It trailer Song of the South film Stay tuned.

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