Details from this morning's Webinar on the separate benefit for complex rehab


I listened to the Webinar this morning on the separate benefit for complex rehab. Hearing Don Clayback, Rita Hostak and others overview the "discussion paper" on the benefit and hearing the questions that providers and therapists asked afterward made me realize just how big an initiative this is, especially when stakeholders are committed to making it as open a process as possible. I'm writing up a story as we speak, but in the meantime, here are a string of tweets I posted during the Webinar (read them from bottom to top):

hmeliz Increase paperwork requirements? "Don't want more overwhelming than already are, but make them easier, clearer."

hmeliz Providers could also have written arrangement for service with another accredited complex rehab technology company.

hmeliz For services and repairs, benefit would require providers—if they sell it, they must fix it.

hmeliz Will RTP replace ATP or CRTS? No—just "placeholder for generic description."

hmeliz "Ideal situation may not be achievable in every instance, but won’t let that dissuade us from getting there or close"

hmeliz A few questions have come in. How deal with rural areas, where no seating clinics and few experienced clinicians?

hmeliz Q&A part has started. No one's asking questions

hmeliz RTP—passed ATP exam and has met "additional requirements." Those are TBD. RESNA's SMS and NRRTS's CRTS are possibilities.

hmeliz They've introduced another acronym! RTP: rehab technology professional.

hmeliz Benefit for complex rehab would put "primary weight" of documentation burden on therapist, not doc, but doc would have to sign off.

hmeliz Discussion paper will be posted to later today. Send comments to

hmeliz Don Clayback: Discussion paper detailing separate benefit available after today's two Webinars.

hmeliz Listening to Webinar on separate benefit for complex rehab.

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Liz Beaulieu