Diabetes bites


Executive editor Mike wanted me to blog about a man with Type 2 diabetes whose dog ate his big, ulcerated toe. Turns out the man had blood sugars of over 500 (I assume he was undiagnosed, the article is unclear).

Yuck! Could you really every look at Fido the same way again? (I'd be sleeping with one eye open).

I would prefer to write about a study that targeted teens with diabetes and how text messages can lead to better self -management.  Dr. Jennifer Dyer, an assistant professor of pediatrics at The Ohio State University, sent specific treatment reminders and supportive messages to teen diabetes patients. Turns out, it was a great way to get their attention. The teens who received the texts were far more likely to stick to their treatment plans.

Practical. Inexpensive. Considerate of audience.

That's smart medicine. And smart business.

Theresa Flaherty