At the diabetes center, they just roll with it


My diabetes checkup went better than expected. My AIC was 7.7, which is on the high side (she wants it below 7), but she was pleased overall. As to my lack of a log, we just clicked back through the past few days of readings, and I had a fairly good recollection of the two lows (overcompensated with insulin for a pumpkin cupcake and first weekend back at the retail job).

The upshot of all this: It's nice to know they can just roll with it when patients aren't entirely prepared for their visit. When she asked if I'd like my next appt to be with her or one of the nurses, I picked the nurse. Why? Because the nurses are the ones who have the free stuff to give out and I really would like a more sophisticated meter again.  Although I must admit, compared to my first meter, back in the prehistoric 2000s, anything is better. It used to take about 45 seconds to get that reading. That's a long time if you suspect you are having a low.

The downside: She changed my insulin to carb ratio from an easy-to-calculate 1:15 to 1:14 or 1:13 for breakfast and dinner. One reason I write for a living? I like words far better than numbers.

Speaking of numbers, I gained around 3 pounds—or, half a pound a week—during my 6-week retail hiatus. Betcha it takes longer than 6 weeks to lose it.

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1 diabetes, 12.5 years