Diabetes doesn't disappear in natural disaster


Last Friday I texted my $10 donation to the Red Cross to help victims of last week's earthquake in Haiti. But, aside from the overarching needs of food/water/shelter there are bound to be large numbers of Haitians who need more specific help, including medical care and medicines for specific health conditions, like, say diabetes.

dLife, a multimedia organization geared toward people with diabetes, posted a few options for those of you who would like to donate for more specific needs. Here are two:

dLife Foundation: Supports individuals in need of diabetes supplies and education, and funds diabetes organizations with similar goals. Now through March 31, all donations to the foundation will go directly to medical relief organizations assisting Haiti.

Insulin for Life: Tax-exempt, Australia-based organization collects insulin, syringes, test strips and other supplies to people in urgent need.

And of course, there are many other groups, including Doctors without Borders, UNICEF and AmeriCares. Just make sure you know who you are donating to and that the group is reputable.

Theresa Flaherty