Don’t be just another provider


This week is a big week for the HME News Business Summit for three reasons.

First, I have conference calls scheduled with the speakers who are participating in the three panel discussions that will take place at the Summit. The topics: HME providers talking about accountable care organizations, bundled payment models and hospital readmission reduction programs; M&A experts talking about the nuts and bolts of buying and selling; and private equity execs talking about investing in HME companies.

In the call on ACOs et al., I had quite a few aha moments. One: HME providers are sitting on a pile of data and with the new emphasis on reducing hospital re-admissions providers need to have that data collected, they need to have it aggregated and they need to be able to report it. As speaker Michael Bartz pointed out, “Otherwise, you’re just another provider.”

Another one: Providers who seek to help hospitals reduce readmissions have to have some skin in the game. That may mean, for example, hiring a nurse to serve as a liaison between you and the hospital. Hospitals need to know that you’re committed.

I guarantee you there will be gems like these and more throughout this session. 

Second, I get to take a sneak peak at the Power Point presentations of the remaining speakers on Friday. Based on the emails and phone calls I’ve exchanged with Mindy Thompson-Banko I’m convinced that if she doesn’t convince you that you should be dreaming about retail in your sleep, I don’t know who will.

Third, on Saturday, we’ll be one month away from the big day.

So don’t be just another provider and register for the Summit today.