Don't book yourself solid before checking out NRRTS's teleseminar series for 2010


I get quite a bit of flack from my colleagues for using this blog to promote various industry Webinars and teleseminars (They think it's a cop-out). But I want to give NRRTS's teleseminar series for 2010 a shout out for two reasons:

  • Who's around this week to read this blog, anyway?
  • If you are around, many of you, like me, are getting ready to fill your 2010 day planners with appointments, and before you book yourself solid, you may want to take a look at what NRRTS has to offer. It's good stuff, especially if you need to meet NRRTS and/or RESNA continuing education requirements and don't have the budget to travel to CELA or Medtrade/Medtrade Spring.

From Jan. 19 to June 17, NRRTS has 12 teleseminars scheduled on everything from "Consumer Self-Advocacy: The Key to the Future of Complex Rehab" to "Anatomy and Disease Process for the RTS." All the teleseminars are scheduled from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST for your convenience. Best of all, they're free this year for NRRTS registrants and only $20 for friends of NRRTS (FONs)—a $160  value. All others must pay $35.

Download the complete schedule from NRRTS's Web site. Look for "New from NRRTS."

Liz Beaulieu