Don't drop it in the toilet


"This thing costs $1,000. Please don't drop it in the toilet."

With those words I was set to go. I got hooked up to a (borrowed)continuous glucose monitor (CGM) today. For the next week, this $1,000, apparently non-waterproof piece of DME stays with me all the time to track blood glucose levels.

Right off the bat, I forgot how to enter my actual glucose readings (the machine is not meant to replace finger sticks). I actually had to call the 1-800 number from the lobby of LL Bean (I was showing an Ohioan around).

But, we are up and running and so far, I am totally fascinated to watch this machine, the size of a really large pager (why DOES the diabetes manufacturing industry find it so difficult to create smaller, sexier products??!!)  display trends depending on what I am doing.

And what I am doing is being v.v. mindful of what I am doing, eating, drinking, dosing, etc. Because the numbers the CGM tracks mean nothing if the Elaine the CDE has no idea what I was doing at the time.

Right now, it is trending unpleasantly upwards. Hmmm.

Should I have that second glass of wine? If I do, will it screw with my readings? Will Elaine think I drink too much? Seriously, this is proactive (and accountable) healthcare at its best.

Stay tuned!

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1, 11.5 years