Drum roll please! The most viewed rehab story of 2009 is...


December is a time to take stock. With that in mind, I used Google Analytics to find out the most viewed rehab story on our Web site for 2009:

Rehab: Separate but not equal?, published in the March 3 HME NewsWire and viewed 2,111 times.

I'm not surprised. NCART's efforts to create a separate benefit for complex rehab has been a steady source of stories and blogs for me this year. It's interesting to note that when I wrote this story earlier this year, stakeholders made a point to tell me it was a long-term project. It is, but there's been quite a bit of progress since then. In my most recent story published in last week's NewsWire, Don Clayback states that he and other members of a steering committee hope to have a plan that details changes to coding, coverage criteria, payment methodology and provider qualifications completed next month. From there, they'll develop a legislative and regulatory strategy.

So what was the second most viewed story? "Wheelchair repairs: CMS addresses service fees," published in the April 13 NewsWire and viewed 1,997 times.

Liz Beaulieu