The economy, worker bees and you


I confess: I like to read business news, the kind where people rant about "worst bosses ever" or share tips for promoting a happy and harmonious workplace.

This week, I read about how some companies are trying to ensure that their employees, who may have undergone salary and benefit cuts while "earning" a heavier workload in return, don't jump ship now that the economy is supposedly turning around.

That got me thinking about what HME providers are doing in this regard. Let's face it, in addition to the standard economic woes, declining reimbursement and competitive bidding still (I assume) have bosses holding the pocketbook a little tightly. How are your employees holding up? Do you ask? Do you understand their workloads or what it is they do for the company? Could YOU do their jobs in a pinch?

If you've cut their salaries, have you offset that with extra time off? Flexible schedules? Telecommuting?

To be honest, I have no idea what companies offer the aforementioned. Certainly most worker bees I know toil in cubicles, 9 to 5.

But I know the innovative thinkers are out there. Did you see my recent story on Allcare Medical. Owner Bill Fredericks gave his employees 40 paid hours this year to do volunteer work.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Theresa Flaherty