Elections are ovah! Now what?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I, for one, am glad the elections are over. 

The onslaught of political mailers (we receive everything in triplicate at my house), the negative TV and radio ads, the knocks on the door. Being a voter is exhausting.

Unfortunately, as election results show, our country remains divided along partisan lines and I fear we face yet another session of partisan squabbling.

I think provider Michael Mayfield said it best when, in his response to our November NewsPoll, he summed it thus: “I have never disliked our government more than I have in the past four years.”

It comes as no surprise to me that HME providers are as divided along party lines as the rest of the country. What I always find interesting about the HME industry when it comes to politics is that, to my eye, it would seem providers face an inherent conflict.

On the one hand, as business owners, they often vote Republican; on the other hand, as professionals in the healthcare industry, they are as equally likely to vote Democrat.

Whichever way we cast our votes, the current lame duck session promises to be a busy one for the industry, which needs to make one last Herculean effort to push through legislation to improve the audit process and reform the flawed Medicare competitive bidding program.

You’re probably as sick of hearing about these bills as I am sick of writing about them (uh, no offense), but it’s the most important thing you can do for your business today.

For now, I look forward to the descent of December’s foggy freeze which closes in on Maine like a very dark blanket. Our publisher, Rick Rector, says the prospect of winter depresses him but I love it—until about May, when I weary of what feels like an uphill battle against snow. 

It’s kind of like...lobbying.