An emoji is worth 160 characters


My mother is 30 years older than me and even though I'm a millennial and she’s a baby boomer, her emoji game is much stronger than mine, like expert level.

Exhibit A:  

It doesn’t matter what I text her, she will respond with at least 3 strategically placed emojis, adding a mixture of humor and depth to the conversation.

When I asked her why she likes using them so much she said, "It’s fun and it makes things interesting. You’re not just saying ‘I’m happy’ with words and dots and parenthesis. It’s a nice way of expressing yourself.”

While brainstorming cartoon ideas for the May issue, Liz, Theresa and I started wondering which emojis providers would use to express themselves. (Fun fact: Oxford Dictionaries added ‘emoji’ to its online canon in 2013.) 

Not to be outdone by Apple—which just released 300 new emojis with the iOS 8.3 update—we decided to design our own provider-specific emojis to represent the ups and downs associated with the HME industry. 

As the “youngest and hippest” member of the group (Liz’s words, not mine) I was tasked with brainstorming a few such emojis. Realistically, she should have asked my mother, who is not only an authority on them, but also a phenomenal artist.

I've listened to your stories about competitive bidding, audits, legislative initiatives and CMS—and put a number of them to paper—but I couldn't figure how to translate those concepts into small, poignant images. In the end, I came up with one useable idea (see the other 9 in next month's issue).

Ultimately, it's best to ask the experts: What kind of emojis would you like to see? Comment below or email me at torzel@hmenews.