On the eve of the HME Summitt


We are here in Minneapolis and looking forward to the official start of the HME Business Summit tomorrow.

I already knew it was a good program, but judging by the attendees who registered tonight, it looks like a good group also. I saw some familiar faces and was able to put a face to folks who previously were just voices on the phone (good to meet you, Pat Clifford and of course, Chris Rice). Folks are in good spirits and on the cab ride from the airport (thanks for picking that one up, John Sphon) we had a little game of name all the cities the Summit has been held in.

Rest assured, Liz, we do not have a baby pool going. Yet.

Honestly, my only quibble with the Summit so far? We served Chardonnay instead of Sauvignon Blanc at the welcome reception. Surely, I must know someone on the inside that I could have influenced if only I’d known, or (inside joke alert) at least thrown a Nerf ball at to get their attention.

For those of you who have heard of the notoriously lengthy journeys we sometimes take from Maine to get, well, just about anywhere, I am happy to report that, aside from a seizure at the gate (not me), the trip went swimmingly. I flew through Philadelphia to get here and honestly, after seeing some other folks at gate D6 who were also headed to the twin cities I wondered, “Why didn’t we just hold this thing in Philly?” But Minneapolis is lovely (and so clean!, say many of us used to the down and dirty East Coast). In fact, I think Minnesota might be a sister state of sorts to Maine, with its lakes and forests and hardy people (although, you do have those skywalks—we Mainers just stumble across our icy sidewalks).

It’s an early start tomorrow but the commute is (sort of) short.  Check back for updates.