Excuse me, do you know where the show daily office is?


“Do you know where the show daily office is?”

It didn’t take long to learn that this year’s best kept show secret is the location of the show daily office.

No matter who we asked, no one could tell us. I mean, I even had the room number but it was, frankly, weird.

Door monitor: “That number isn’t right. I need a meeting room number.”

Me: “But it’s not a meeting room. And this is the room number.”

And on and on and all around.

Rick Rector (on my behalf): “Do you know where the show daily office is?”

Answer: “No, but we see Theresa tweeted that she can’t find it.”

After finally locating the room and settling in, the A/V guy showed up with the printer.

A/V guy: “This was a hard room to find. Nobody knew where it was."

After hooking us up to the internet, the first thing I checked was my email.

Email from show daily reporter John Andrews: “Nobody knows where the show daily office is. I’m at registration—can you give me directions or come meet me?”

And you thought GWCC hall C was tough to find. I mean, it took me 20 minutes to walk from my hotel to registration (primarily uphill, I might add, but this is Atlanta, so at least there isn't "two feet of snow" as our New England grandparents were so fond of saying). It took another 25 minutes to find the show daily office (not literally).

Overworked feet up, we are geared up and ready for the first full day of the show on Tuesday. We’ve already covered a couple of excellent sessions Monday afternoon.

In my wanderings, I also had the pleasure of meeting provider Steve Ackerman, the newest treasurer for AAHomecare, as well as other providers and met up with Lisa Wells, who will be  helping us out with HME News TV this year.

All in all, a productive day. We look forward to seeing you here this week (probably not in the show daily office).

Now, if we could just figure out who the show photographer is…