Fat cats


It isn't enough that a lot of Americans are overweight. Now, our pets are, too, apparently, a hefty 50% of them (disclaimer, I live with a rather large black cat, Bruce, but he came that way and is on a diet).

But, I digress. As I may have mentioned, November is National Diabetes Awareness month. It came to my attention this morning that it is also National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month.

Note: Not all overweight people develop type 2 diabetes, not all people with diabetes are overweight and I believe the same applies to pets.

Still, with 24 million people in this country with the disease, can I just say it is ridiculous that we now have to devote time and attention to the same common sense care and feeding of animals we should be taking with ourselves, and our (well, your) children?

Theresa Flaherty