Fat city (and state and country)


I'm going to let you all in on a not-so little secret about the state of Maine, where HME News is based.

We're fat. Granted, we're not in the top 10 tubby states which disproportionately hail from the deep-fried south, but still, with an average obesity rate of 25.2% in 2007 (latest figures I could find) compared to Mississippi at 32.6%, that's splitting pant seats.

Maine lawmakers are currently floating a bill requiring calorie counts on the menus of chain restaurants. Of course, that is raising the ire of those food purveyors.

I admit to being on the fence when it comes to government mandates (that's another Maine trait, one of which I am proud), but I know from personal experience that when a menu indicates that the cheeseburger I am craving contains 1,200 calories, I usually make a healthier choice.

It's also fascinating to read the calorie counts, therefore I will share the fun tomorrow, when I will post a few shockers.

Theresa Flaherty