Female paraplegic plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro


ericaYou know, you really do learn about some cool things on Twitter. I saw this tweet from MagicWheels this morning:

T minus 48 hours before Erica Davis and the "Through the Roof" Kilimanjaro climbing and filming crew leaves for Tanzania. Today we shipped the new MagicWheels climb wheels—check them out!"

Who's Erica Davis, I thought? A Google search turned up this story. Erica is a 28-year-old paraplegic athlete, and she's planning to climb the 19,340-foot Mout Kilimanjaro to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation (supporting sponsors include MagicWheels and Colours Wheelchairs). She'll climb the mountain with help from a group of individuals, including Tara Butcher, a 27-year-old below the knee amputee. The the trip to Tanzania and the climb will be filmed and turned into a documentary titled "Through the Roof":

So cool. Good luck Erica and crew!

Liz Beaulieu


Awesome story of two challenged athletes. Good example for many people with challenges.

I find it funny when people say this about events, or aventures, that disabled people take. Of course it is a great example for people with challenges, but it is also a great example for anybody! Get the world off their ass and exploring, and accomplishing things, chasing their dreams, instead of wasting away watching the newest season of The Biggest Loser or something.