The Gate is Down


We've heard from a number of providers that it's a nuisance to have to register or log-in when they visit So to be responsive, we've removed, temporarily, any requirement to register or log-in to view anything on our site including stories, blogs, HMENewsTV or our industry-specific search site,

Chariots of Fire rip

I did say temporarily. We're experimenting to see if freeing up access brings more traffic to our site because, frankly, that's the name of the game these days; more people looking at our content and the products and services of our advertisers. Later on, we may put up a registration "gate" for some of our content. And of course if you want the HME NewsWire or the print version of HME News you'll have to register (but not pay!) so we know how to send them to you.

Land of Plenty video

But in the meantime, all gates are down. Enjoy! And let me know whether you think this experimental change should be made permanent.

Rick Rector

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