"Get fit and don't forget to track it" Day


Almost one week ago, Theresa challenged Liz and I to a walk-off in honor of "Get Fit, Don't Sit" Day. Since the weather warmed up, I’ve been taking 30-minute walks during my lunch break in addition to my 1-hour gym routine after work. As obnoxious as it sounds, I was confident that I was going to be the clear winner in this horse race. Until I wasn’t.

It's worth mentioning that a few months ago I received a Fitbit Charge as a gift and wore it every single day, until the day it fell off my wrist at the office. Devastated I did what any logical person would do: I offered a $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 reward for any information leading to the recovery of said Fitbit. 

That was on a Friday. When I came into the office on Monday morning my Fitbit was waiting for me on my desk next to one of the reward posters I taped up around the office. Liz had found it in the bathroom. Since then she’s asked about the reward money once, but I suspect she knows I don’t make that much. Also, I don't think either of us even know how to pronounce that figure ($1 bajillion kabillion mazillion? That’s my best college-educated guess).


Now the reason I told you that story was so I could finish the first one. 

For someone who professes to love her Fitbit so much, I don’t bother wearing it when it actually matters, which doesn’t make any sense. I’ll go for weeks—nay, MONTHS—without taking it off, but the moment I need it for a real world application—like tracking my steps for a company step contest—I suddenly develop short-term memory loss and forget to put it back on in the morning.

According to my Fitbit (which I wore for a total of 3 out of 7 days) I’ve taken 23,087 steps since May 6.

Have I taken more steps then that? Yes. Does it count? No.

I could be reaching here (and I’m 98% sure that I am), but this situation reminds me a little of how CMS treats providers when it comes to audits, in that I did the work—I just don’t have the right documentation to prove it.

The only difference between me and providers is, I won’t lose $1 bajillion kabillion mazillion without it.