Goal post


Our most recent HME NewsPoll asked whether providers typically set business goals each year. The good news: 78% said yes. The bad news: 22% said no.

What does that mean, exactly? Do they not set goals for sales figures? Set goals for employees to have something to strive for? Set goals for getting their name out there?

I guess I don't understand, how do you even run a business if you don't have any goals? How do you know what to do?

Some days, my goals are loftier than others, ie, today I will post a blog, make 25 phone calls, write two stories and send an assignment to a contributing editor.

Other days, not so much, ie, this weekend at the bookstore, I will try to just make it through the day without throttling the first customer who asks, "where's the nonfiction section?"

Is not setting goals kind of like not paying attention to competitive bidding, in the hopes that, if you ignore it, it will go away? Cause we've all seen how well that plan worked.

Maybe they just misunderstood the question.

Theresa Flaherty