Good luck to us all


"I'll call you back when I think of some good news," one provider told me yesterday when I called to see what's shakin' out there.

"Theresa, I just got word that Medicaid cut strips 26%," said another. "I can't talk now."

And so it goes, across the country.

These aren't folks in the round 1.2 bid area by the way. Just average providers in average towns. That's with the folks who answered the phone. Hopefully, the rest of you are just on vacation, not cowering under your desks.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to toil at my phone, looking for news stories (anyone?), and all I can say is stay cool everyone. You've survived this long. We all have.

"Good luck to us all," a West Coast provider said to me as we hung up. "If I don't last, neither will you. You won't have anything to write about."

Theresa Flaherty