Guess HMEs aren't so different after all


Our local Sunday paper does a Q&A in its job listings section (got to fill it with something, cause even in boom times there's a dearth of jobs in these parts). This weekly feature highlights a different type of job each week.

On the hot seat this week: Cheryl Pritchard, owner of A Special Place, a women's health boutique (great picture, Cheryl).

How, wondered I, would the mainstream media handle the intracacies of reporting on our odd little HME world?

Like any other business, apparently. Cheryl discusses how she got started in the biz (her aunt needed part time help), her education (retail and business background) and a typical day on the job (she starts with emails and coffee around 7:30 am and goes nonstop till about 7:30 pm).

In other words, Cheryl is a lot like any other small business owner. Hardworking, energetic and passionate about what she does.

Her fave part of the job is one I hear from many women's health providers:

"Seeing customers live good happy lives following surgery, and not worry about how they look, is one of the most rewarding parts," she told the reporter.

Her greatest challenges are the ones I hear from EVERYONE I talk to: Medicare and accreditation requirements and getting paid.

Needless to say, the reporter wisely chose not to delve into THAT topic.

Theresa Flaherty