Handicap This


I have to thank National Seating and Mobility for promoting Handicap This last Friday on their Twitter account, @MobilityNSM.

Just the name, Handicap This, has so much punch to it—I had to check it out. 

Apparently, friends Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach travel the country as motivational speakers. Mike has cerebral palsy, but the message isn’t about that: it’s about doing more with what you have.

The guys have a YouTube channel where they post trailers for their speaking engagements and a web series. I watched a couple of each, and I’ll be back for more of the web series. 

In one episode, Mike can’t get the lift to lower in his van, so he’s trapped in there for hours while his friends, and, later, Mobility Works, try to get him out. In another, Mike and Tim confront a lady who illegally parked in a handicap spot. The web series has 13 episodes, as far as I can tell. The most recent one exposes the difficulties Mike faced while traveling. 

On the heels of watching Mike and Tim confront the illegal parker, I came across this article about a guy banned from a grocery store after confronting an illegal parker—letting the air out of her tires. Oops. That might be taking it a bit far, but it made me think about how frustrating it must be, just to do normal, everyday things like grocery shop, when there are all these added complications. 

I don’t know how much of this goes on in our area. Parking in Maine, for the most part, seems to be pretty available—although the Old Port and Maine Mall (Not too far from HME News World HQ) can be a little tricky.

Do you guys see a lot of this in your area? Have you ever done anything about it? Comment below or tweet @hme_elizabeth and let me know. And let me know what you think about Handicap This.