Help Rhonda


As I may have mentioned already, I've been talking to women's health providers about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which is now.

I also spoke with Rhonda Turner of the American Association of Breast Care Professionals (AABCP for those of you collecting acronyms). Rhonda, you may remember, helped bring a bill to life back in April, S. 3255, the Custom Fabricated Breast Prosthesis Act of 2010. The bill would make Medicare pay for custom prostheses. Unfortunately, with the quagmire that is Congress these days, the bill has been a bit slow out of the gate. It only has 3 co-sponsors.

So in August, Rhonda launched an online petition to get AABCP members, manufacturers and consumers to sign the petition. Her goal: 10,000 signatures.

I checked her website today, to check on the petition. If I am reading it correctly, it has collected a mere 62 signatures (forgive me Rhonda, if the signature count needs to be updated).

If you haven't signed it yet, what are you waiting for?

Theresa Flaherty