History repeating itself


The announcement of the Round 2 contract winners earlier this year was quickly followed by the realization that many of those contracts went to companies that, for various reasons, did not meet state licensure requirements—something that should have been part of the process in awarding said contracts (this is where transparency would be helpful).

Full speed ahead to the Round 1 re-compete (not to be confused with Round 1 re-bid), and I have just heard, via email, from a licensed, family-owned provider (details have been omitted to protect the innocent), and holder of rRound 1 contracts that was not awarded contracts in its primary areas of business because, according the CBIC, they are not licensed in that state for those products. The only contract offer they received was for mobility (call me crazy, but it seems unlikely they would be meet any existing licensure requirements for this category, but not, say General HME).

"But because of some bureaucratic ineptitude‚—refusing us contracts on the false basis that we are not licensed—a significant portion of our ... business may very well vanish. And, though we can ask nicely for the review board to remedy their clear error, pleading is our only recourse. The MMA that created this foolishness precludes any judicial or administrative review remedies."

Adding insult to injury: out-of-state companies that were awarded contracts in the state in question.

Stop me if any of this is sounding familiar.

The provider is asking the CBIC to review the decision but asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, which I find as disturbing as anything else about the whole bidding program. When Americans fear reprisal from government agencies (and, I am not talking about NSA spy tactics, here), well, I just don't know what to think.