Hit me with your best shot


I had a feeling when I contacted AAHomecare's Walt Gorski on Thursday for an update on how close the market pricing program was to getting introduced as a bill, that the industry wasthisclosetoseeingithappen. You see he's usually a fount of quotes, but not this time. That always makes me suspicious.

True to his word, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., introduced the bill, with 13 co-sponsors no less.

On Friday afternoon.

About two minutes after we proofed our weekly newswire.

And one minute after we posted my original story about how the industry was still hoping for the bill to get introduced before the congressional recess.

I won't repeat what I said here but you can fill in the blank.

There-in followed some fancy writing maneuvers and a bunch of reposting and voila!

All with a low blood sugar.

Who says nothing gets done on Friday afternoons? Although next Friday, it won't be my problem because I have Pat Benatar tix and I recently learned the show is next Friday, not Saturday as I have believed all summer. (Note to self: ask editor Liz for next Friday off to drive to Bangor).

Hit me with your best shot, Congress. We'll catch it and report it, no matter your timing.

Theresa Flaherty