HME, manmade disasters and walruses as 02 patients


Like many folks, I have followed (when I can stomach it) the oil spill in the Gulf. It goes without saying that I am apalled that this was allowed to happen—and make no mistake, it was allowed—due to greed/arrogance/plain old stupidity and, oh yeah, an incompetent federal government.

Where is their code of ethics?

I cannot believe that plans for dealing with an oil spill contain provisions on protecting walruses and other creatures who don't reside in the Gulf of Mexico (although, by the time the mess is cleaned up, we'll be lucky if anything calls it home). These plans are government mandated, and apparently government-approved, FYI.

Back in HME land: Providers continue to grapple with government mandates: the oxygen cap, competitive bidding, accreditation. Take your pick. They're all still out there.

I can only hope that HME providers do a better  job of complying with the rules than Big Oil does. In fact, I know they do, because if they don't, the government will come after them.

I also hope that providers' disaster management plans, which they are required to have, make actual sense and don't include provisions for say, providing oxygen to walruses, in the event of a disaster.

Theresa Flaherty