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In a bulletin this week, AAHomecare reminded members of the importance of educating consumer groups on the impact of national competitive bidding. The reminder came after AARP lobbyist Nora Super told Modern Healthcare that the powerful group supports competitive bidding because it will save taxpayers and seniors money.

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Save money, yes, but at what cost?

If you're a provider that has been successful getting through to patients that competitive bidding will decrease access to equipment and services, you might want to tell them to contact not only lawmakers but also the AARP.

I have a feeling that when the AARP speaks, lawmakers listen. It may not have a political action committee (PAC), make political contributions or endorse candidates, but this is what the group does when it gets mad.

Liz Beaulieu

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[...] Here’s a good example of the potential damage a consumer group can do (in this case, the AARP) when its views and the industry’s views don’t match up. [...]

Yes, well I have long been saying that AARP does not have the best interests of "healthcare" or the beneficiary/patient population at the top of their agenda. And yes unfortunatley they are who the lawmakers seem to listen too. I do not and will never support AARP!

I was also of the impression that AARP was a major purveyor of Medicare supplemental insurance. If payments are cut, (whether through Competitive Bidding, 36-month oxygen caps, IR or anything else) their profits go up (I'm assuming they won't be factoring the savings into the beneficiaries' premiums). Doesn't that make their support of ANY Medicare cuts a conflict of interest?

Anybody who works in the healthcare industry should understand that AARP secondary insurance benefit plan is an entity of United Healthcare. So those of you who do not support AARP are definitely in the right due to the fact of what United has to gain (or save) by the implimentation of competitive bidding.

[...] A few blogs back, I wrote about the AARP’s support of national competitive bidding. In an editorial in its November bulletin, the AARP delivers another blow to the HME industry, this time specifically to power wheelchairs. [...]