How HR savvy are you?


Do you wonder how your HME peers recruit employees? Train them? Pay them? Retain them?

And when I say peers, I mean at least 200 of them.

We're surveying HME companies on a variety of human resources related topics and, so far, we have 213 respondents.

Last year, we had 376.

That's pretty darn good.

We'll publish some of the results of the survey in an HR Special Report. Additionally, we'll have a handful of articles, commentaries and Q&As with HR managers, educators and consultants. Check out the line-up:

A survey overview by HR expert Ana McGary.

An article quoting The VGM Group's Greg Schmitz on making education part of your company's and your employees' bigger picture.

A Q&A with Merits' Michele Faulkner on being an HR manager at a smaller company.

ActiveForever's Erika Feinberg on new training methods that incorporate fully integrated media.

Consultant Kelly Franko on surveying employees for company improvement.

UroMed's Lisa Wells and consultant Carrie Robinson on extending benefits beyond paychecks.

Sales expert Michael Sperduti on incentive programs that improve morale and drive growth.

Take the survey before Feb. 1. And keep an eye on your inbox, because we'll be sending out an email when you can access the HR Special Report.

Liz Beaulieu