I haven't seen so much HME in one place since my last visit to Black Bear Medical.


They came clutching Medicare cards, fingers wrapped firmly around cane handles and rollator grips.

I haven't seen so much home medical equipment in one place since my last visit to Black Bear Medical.

This morning  a couple of hundred seniors—and me—descended on a local church for flu shots. What does this have to do with HME News, you ask?

This morning reminded me of just how much people depend on HME in order to stay mobile, active and healthy. I don't think most people really "see" it when they are out and about, but it serves as a good reminder of how important this stuff is. Without mobility equipment or portable oxygen, many of the folks I saw this morning would have missed out on flu shots. Some could have asked a family member take time out from work to escort them to the clinic; maybe others would have eventually received the vaccination through a more costly alternative, such as a visiting home nurse or trip to the doctor's office.

Just one more reason for HME providers to remind lawmakers and the general public why their services are so essential, not to mention, cost-effective.

Theresa Flaherty