I'll have a cigar and martini with my homecare


Here’s some good news for your kids and grand kids, and I would add, homecare providers: Half of all babies born in industrialized nations since the year 2000 can expect to live to 100, according to a new study

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It reminds me of the old saying that $1 million ain’t what it used to be. Now we can say the same thing about making it to 100. Personally, I know a guy who is 106, plays golf everyday, smokes a big fat cigar during the round, and sips a martini in the clubhouse bar afterward. He used to have two martinis when he was younger so age has caught up with him a little. But even though he is 106, he still practices. He’s 106 and wants to get better!  That’s positive thinking.

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In 80 or 90 years, there are going to be a lot more of these healthy old codgers. Many of them, I suspect, won’t be so healthy that they don’t need a scooter, walker or some other piece of durable medical equipment.

Congress and bureaucrats can complain about the HME industry all they want and continue to cut reimbursement, but it won’t change the fact as the years go by, our population is going to get older and older.

I think they’d be wise to sit down with a martini and read the writing on the wall: We, as a country, can’t afford to take care of all these people humanely with out embracing homecare services.

— Mike Moran

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