Industry has work cut out


Six weeks into the program and we are hearing more and more about competitive bidding. CMS says it's going "smoothly."

AAHomecare says it's "had enough."

And that's just in the past few hours. Mike Reinemer just forwarded me a story from Bloomberg (I'd paste the link but it takes you to a page requiring a password.) The article, "Lincare seeks to scuttle project to lower medical device costs" doesn't do the issue justice, says Reinemer.

It does however, contain a a few damning statements.

"I believe it would be a mistake to delay or repeal a program that addresses waste in the Medicare system."

Rep.Wally Herger, R-Calif.

"We cannot identify a groundswell of patient complaints."

A.J. Rice, senior analyst for Susquehanna Financial Group

And that, my friends, is a big part of the problem. If the beneficiaries aren't complaining, or having issues, the industry has got its work cut out for it.