Is it common sense or am I psychic?


You know you've been on the job for a while when you start making predictions that come true. Last week, in this very space, I blogged about how folks outside the HME industry don't fully understand the business ramifications of competitive bidding, the layoffs, the downsizing, the shuttering of doors.

It's time, I wrote, for the industry to produce some hard data on these numbers, rather than rely on anecdotes.

Fast forward to yesterday's committee hearing on competitive bidding: Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Ohio (a ground zero for competitive bidding if there ever was one) asked AAHomecare for a list of providers who have gone out of business due to the program.

A list which doesn't exist.

Since Editor Liz is on vacation (roughing it in Utah's national parks) I turned instead to our publisher, Rick Rector, and bragged, "I'm psychic." Ever mindful of helming a publication that purports to be on top of the issues, he said, "I prefer to think they're responding to you."

I think Mr. Rector is afraid an actual psychic would cost him more in terms of salary and perks. (Yes, it would).

Anywho, AAHomecare is now reaching out to the industry to compile the list (email This being the HME industry, you can also call (703.535.1884), FAX (703.836.6730) or Pony Express it. Just make sure it gets to them by May 18.

Theresa Flaherty